Urp... Announcement of 208.x.x.x

Kim Hubbard kimh at internic.net
Wed Nov 29 14:58:44 UTC 1995

No, the 208/8 block is not open for allocations.  The InterNIC is
currently allocating from 206/8 and will begin 207/8 in the near

We do not currently list this information anywhere in particular other
than the networks.txt file that lists each network assigned.  If you
have any other suggestions on where else you'd like to see it please
let me know.

> I just noticed that AS 3847 was announcing
>,,, and
> Now, besides the fact that they could announce ( :) ),
> those addresses aren't quite kosher-ly allocated, are they?
> Is there a spot where the Internic communicates what address space
> has been allocated?  ("We are now allocating out of 207.x.x.x")
> Avi

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