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Dorian Kim dorian at CIC.Net
Tue Nov 28 03:03:18 UTC 1995

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Dave Siegel wrote:

> Seriously, though.   "Acts of God" as they are called are typically not
> counted either.  When it comes right down to it, if the customer no longer 
> has a premise, then they are probably less worried about their equipment
> being up and operational.  Technically, it only matters if you define your
> network as extending up to, and perhaps beyond CPE, or if it is just before
> CPE, or even futher, if it ends right at the Bell Demark at your POP.

I think there is a big difference between Customer Premise Equipment, 
which the ISP(if that's theirs) is responsible, and the customer Premise, 
which the ISP is not, and should not be responsible for. 

> Since RTD purchases all the circuits for clients, our network (read, area of
> responsibility) includes everything up to the CPE, but not CPE itself.  If
> there are circuit's down to individual clients as a result of Bell, we don't
> count it as downtime, even though it is logged and pursued as any other outage.

While telco faults are not the faults of the ISP, doesn't it nonetheless 
mean that the customer doesn't have connectivity? I guess this depends on 
whether you try to arrive at some sort of a metric from provider's or 
customer's perspective.

> Why do I believe that?  hehe.

Oh, I've seen everything from floods to tornados. High schools seem to be 
particularly vulnerable to such things, not to mention things like kids 
tripping over power cords and such. :)

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