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Dave Siegel dsiegel at rtd.com
Tue Nov 28 01:34:05 UTC 1995

> service that due to various problems is available only 50% of the
> time. So what is the availability that I should report to potential
> new customers?  100%  50% or 75%  Does it matter that the reason the
> one customer has only 50% availability is that the room where the
> router at that customer's site is underwater every other day due to
> no fault of my own?
> It is because of these sorts of questions that I never know what
> it means when someone says that their network is available 99.9%

Problems with CPE is usually not figured into network uptime.

Now, if it was *your* router at the customer prem, then it would be your
responsibility that you allowed your equipment to, uh, become waterlogged.  ;-)


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