outages, quality monitoring, trouble tickets, etc

Jon Zeeff jon at branch.com
Mon Nov 27 20:03:29 UTC 1995

Being in the web hosting business, we measure our own "availability"
and that of others.  The top providers do 99.9%.  The median
in our sample group is 98.5%.  That's about 15 times worse and
11 hours/month.

It's amazing how many of the companies in the low 98s claim 99.9%.

We also offer guarantees to some of our customers.  If we don't meet
x% availability, we refund $xx.  It's not enough to break us, but
it does reassure the customer that we are concerned.

If more providers did this, we would probably see much more
rapid progress towards more reliable networks.  As it is, nobody
has a quantifiable cost for "unreliability".

> >     Jonathan> the image of having a 99.98% uptime whenever
> >     Jonathan> possible, even though most folks realize

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