outages, quality monitoring, trouble tickets, etc

Scott Huddle huddle at mci.net
Mon Nov 27 19:47:58 UTC 1995

Jonathan Heiliger <loco at mfst.com> writes
> On Nov 27,  9:17am, Sean Doran wrote:
> >     Jonathan> Everyone likes to portray
> >     Jonathan> the image of having a 99.98% uptime whenever
> >     Jonathan> possible, even though most folks realize
> >     Jonathan> that it just plain isn't possible
> >
> > Well, more importantly, what on earth does a number like
> > that mean?
> Sorry, bad choice of words.  Rather than uptime, availability would be the
> proper word.  Availability tends to be the amount of time the network is
> "available" for the customer to receive their expected service (whether
> guaranteed in writing or not), and for the customers expectation of how the
> service will perform when it is considered "in-service" is met.
This is reasonable expectation, but unfortunately it's pretty difficult
to measure what "the network" is.  Do you mean your NSPs backbone?  Its
connections to other NSPs?  Connections to a specific site?  Global
connectivity?  How do you factor when you or a target site is singly


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