CIDR Aggregation Tool

Avi Freedman freedman at
Mon Nov 27 18:04:14 UTC 1995

[Please take any other responses just to cidrd.  This is copied to big-inet
 and nanog so people will see the followup request.  I just wanted the 
 announcement to go out maximally, but the details and responses are of
 no interet to nanog as a whole...]

> > Our route table has:
> > *>        <--- agis
> > *>        <--- mci
> > *>        <--- agis
> > *>        <--- agis
> This isn't what agis is supposed to be announcing, I'll have to 
> ask them again to announce 198.111.252/22.  There's a couple less
> routes already :-).
> Once that is fixed, further aggregation of (say into 
> 198.111/16, as a non real example) would change our routing (in 
> ways we don't want it changed), even with your "next hop the same" 
> criteria because of the additional meaning that specifics have in 
> terms of priority.

Well, we only see 198.111.252, 253, and 255 from AGIS, so there's no
danger of AGIS over-aggregating even if they combined 252 & 253...

> I agree that your tool is usefull in identifying _potential_ savings.

That's all it's for.


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