outages, quality monitoring, trouble tickets, etc

Hans-Werner Braun hwb at upeksa.sdsc.edu
Thu Nov 23 23:57:09 UTC 1995

>  Do you really want outage and downtime on public record, or do you
>  want easier access to clueful folx?

A clueful expert system running on a data base collecting information
from all over the place, and answering questions automatically, would
be a good start. Like an automatic responder at something like this FCC
NRC someone mentioned earlier. No need to send me random outage email,
until I perceive a problem. I get enough email even without that. I
care about fixing problems. The problem is that there is no working
procedure if a problem is being perceived, that results in information
to a user in near real-time. The underlying issue is no overall
Internet management, or at least coordination, at this time.

In a computer network we *do* have the technology to do such things,
you know. It requires willingness to do it more than it needs
technology at this point of time.

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