Westnet and Utah outage

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Thu Nov 23 13:58:53 UTC 1995

Question: Which RFC should I consult to determine acceptable delay and packet 

- jeff -

On Wed, 22 Nov 95, hwb at upeksa.sdsc.edu (Hans-Werner Braun) wrote:
>>Scott asks:
>>So this is to imply that you do have a problem w/ Sprint and that
>>you are picking on them in a specific way?
>>COOK:  your suggestion scott not mine.......  If I remember correctly on 
>>my one previous querry 6 weeks ago, the problem seemed to be more MCI's 
>>than sprints.  I am in the midst of writing a long cover story on how 
>>backbones are responding to internet growth pressure and when something 
>>breaks I am interest in understanding what happened.  It looks in this 
>>case however like people want me to yell on the sprint outage list rather 
>>than here so I'll check out the possibility of doing that.  Do you guys 
>>have an outtage list I can join?  My apologies if I have offended anyone.
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>I really hate to make Gordon's points here, but the network is so
>broken at times, it is hard to get interactive work done. Even an FTP
>between two NSF supercomputer centers ((so far) idle 266MHz machines at
>the end points) went at a whopping:
> 3320903 bytes sent in 1.1e+03 seconds (3.1 Kbytes/s)
>And that was already the second try, as the uncompressed file version
>just took ways too long. The packet losses were between 8 and 10
>These kind of performances are ways too regular for me these days. And
>as a "user" I have very little means to find out what the hell is wrong
>with this network. I am sometimes so sick and tired of this that I am
>tempted to use the tools I have (ping and traceroute) and broadly post
>to people as to where things seem broken. And I will not care at all if
>you guys tell me "well, that's unfair, as ping and traceroute go to
>the main processor." Give me a working network, better tools, or SHUT
>THE HELL UP AND GO BACK TO FARMING. I will be glad to shut up myself,
>once you get your act together and provide smooth and transparent
>network services.
>Obviously I am able to send much more polite notes, but I am really
>getting sick and tired of this lousy performance and degrading network
>service qualities.
>I suspect MANY will increase their amplitude over the next few months
>if this continues.
>And I don't want to hear this bullshit about regular 10% packet losses
>being just fine, and 100% being just marginal.
>*At least* let people know if things are broken, so they look for
>alternatives (be it a cup of tea if short term, or another service
>provider if persistent).
>I think this problem is wide spread and not confined to specific
>service providers. So if someone points a finger at your competitor,
>don't be too happy about it. You may be next.

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