Westnet and Utah outage

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Thu Nov 23 01:19:38 UTC 1995

In message <199511221821.KAA15673 at upeksa.sdsc.edu>, Hans-Werner Braun writes:
> These kind of performances are ways too regular for me these days. And
> as a "user" I have very little means to find out what the hell is wrong
> with this network. I am sometimes so sick and tired of this that I am
> tempted to use the tools I have (ping and traceroute) and broadly post
> to people as to where things seem broken. And I will not care at all if
> you guys tell me "well, that's unfair, as ping and traceroute go to
> the main processor." Give me a working network, better tools, or SHUT
> THE HELL UP AND GO BACK TO FARMING. I will be glad to shut up myself,
> once you get your act together and provide smooth and transparent
> network services.

Since when can't you use ping and traceroute.  You just have to ignore
the results from routers that are probably too heavily loaded.  (And
avoid loading them further by pinging them, but the few packets that
determine which way your traffic is headed should be no problem).


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