Westnet and Utah outage

Hans-Werner Braun hwb at upeksa.sdsc.edu
Wed Nov 22 19:08:40 UTC 1995


I would wish that at least the major service providers would meet in
some smoke filled room and get to a fate sharing mindset and conclude
"we will fix the joint problem." I have heard there are some rooms
available now at WPAFB? Right next to all the archived UFOs? A good
part of the problem is a questionable mindset in a rather young
commercial environment. There is no Fed daddy any more, and I suspect
that you would not want one either. So, who is driving a global
collaboration? Has to be you and your pals. I do not see another
choice. Neither the Feds, not the IETF, ISoc, whoever, will fix it for
you. And NANOG is waaayyyys to weak and can't quite get things together

I routinely see high packet losses, the environment, from what I see,
has severely degraded to what it was, say, a year ago. I submit it also
has significantly grown and we have many more cooks in the kitchen,
but, as ill as they are defined, we cannot even keep our old standards
up. I still believe y'all got the Internet on a silver plate, and just
need to fix things up.

I suspect at least 80% of the problem is non-technical, but
abministrative and mindset. If those 80% could be resolved to a
somewhat high degree, I suspect we will find solutions for the
technical problems. Not over night, I am sure, but something we could
plan for.

Unfortunately, the problem is too big to be resolved solely by the
engineers. Takes more than just intelligence.

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