Westnet and Utah outage

Jeff Hayward J.Hayward at utexas.edu
Wed Nov 22 18:53:27 UTC 1995

Gordon Cook writes:
  COOK:  your suggestion scott not mine.......  If I remember correctly on 
  my one previous querry 6 weeks ago, the problem seemed to be more MCI's 
  than sprints.  I am in the midst of writing a long cover story on how 
  backbones are responding to internet growth pressure and when something 
  breaks I am interest in understanding what happened.  


Why would this be a backbone issue?  It sounds to me like Westnet
relies on a single connection from its NSP, and that this failed for
some period of time.  Any single component, be it circuit, router,
etc. *will fail*.  If a regional depends on a single point of failure
the outcome is inevitable.

Jeff Hayward

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