Links on the blink - what will/should mci & sprint do?

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Mon Nov 20 19:33:26 UTC 1995

In message <Pine.SUN.3.91.951118235535.11322D-100000 at>, Gordon C
ook writes:
> Sean writes:
> Thirdly, there are some very cunning
> ideas being proposed by various hardware people for making
> the 7500 do interesting things on the switching front that
> very probably will get the router to deal with the kinds of
> loads you're asking about.
> COOK:  does this mean that there is some way to get the cisco to behave 
> like the cascade switch I asked about??  If not what in general does it mean?
> Finally you said if the 7500 doesn't perform well then you might have to 
> do the redesign I asked about.... meaning going to an atm switched 
> backbone with routers at the periphery of the backbone??
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We are bound by non-disclosure to limit what we say about future
products of the vendors we have chosen for final evaluation.  I don't
think it is any big secret that vendors do have new products in the
works.  IMO- the so called "wall" is not a problem but you need some
heftier routers than what is commonly used today.

I don't like the idea of going into a layer 2 and letting layer 2 deal
with it.  You can probably build a working network either way.
Equipment cost per port is not our highest priority, it is secondary.
Stability and low loss in our backbone is a very high priority.  That
says a lot about why the technology we ar looking at is different than
PSI, Alternet, and Netcom (and maybe a bit different than Sprint too).
ANS charges more for a reason.


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