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Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Sun Nov 19 14:37:36 UTC 1995

At 09:17 AM 11/19/95 -0500, Jeffrey P. Oliveto wrote:

>DS3/DS1 Backbone/Trunk capacity planning principles, whether across a Frame 
>Relay Backbone or Cisco 7000 hdlc trunk network are still the same.  It's 
>just as easy to over configure DS3/DS1 Cisco HDLC trunks as Frame Relay 

I would have a tendency to disagree with you here, but que sera, sera.

>Potentially at issue here is not Frame Relay networks as a transport but that 
>a Cisco 7000 can not scale properly to support 120+ end-users. :-)
>Modern Frame Relay switches:
>1) have sub-msec latency
>2) can support multiple trunks at DS3+ (to include ATM)
>3) are not burdened with processing any of the IP layer 3 nor routing overhead
>4) because of 3 have a cost per port that is 300 to 400% less than a Cisco 7000
>5) can have it's backbone shared across multiple services thereby reducing
>capitalization and bandwidth expense
>6) allow ISP to pass the cost savings on to customers

I partially agree with your points above, but still maintain that it is much 
easier to sloppily engineer a frame-relay network than one consisting of
point-to-point links.

My $.02.

- paul

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