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Paul Ferguson pferguso at
Sat Nov 18 00:52:12 UTC 1995

At 05:45 PM 11/17/95 -0700, Dave Siegel wrote:

>> One of the reasons why end users find frame-relay undesireable is
>> that they cannot be assured that their provider is not grossly
>> oversubscribed on PVC-per-port density. When you buy a T1 private
>> line, you can be assured that you're not sharing it with 120 other
>> end-users.  :-)
>Nor can you know that with a Dedicated line, that the other side doesn't feed
>into a 2501 into a collision-ridden Boca 10baseT hub, into a Welfleet bridging
>over Frame-Relay-over-ATM at 1.5Mbps simplex speeds into an over-committed
>4Mbps port speed on the other side.
>i.e., the fact that your buying a leased line to connect and running HDLC
>over it doesn't count for anything.  When it comes right down to it, customers
>can't really be reassured of anything.

Quite true. Appearances can be deceiving.  :-)

I was just reiterating (what I thought to be) the obvious.

>But then, nobody expects the customer to realize this, right?

Um, I won't touch this one.

- paul

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