Routing wars pending?

Tom 'moof' Spindler dogcow at
Thu Nov 16 22:04:33 UTC 1995

Actually, the (original) explanation is correct. The state was Indiana.

Read about it in Petr Beckmann's "History of Pi" if you're interested
about it. I believe it has the full story. 

> It was a small community in Alabama that voted (for their town) to
> allow PI to equal 3 for the purpose of calculating square footage
> for property tax.
> That's it.  No grand scheme to defraud Southern schoolkids, no legislation
> of ip_v !=4, just something to make taxes simple.
> >> They also passed a bill once to make PI 3 or some such, didn't they?
> >In the state where this happened it was passed by their congress but was
> >vetoed in their senate so it never became law.

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