Routing wars pending?

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Wed Nov 15 20:27:03 UTC 1995

> Owen said:
> >Sean said:
> >> Hm, routing wars.  Fun stuff.  Expect much heat on this shortly... :(
> >>
> [...] 
> >
> >The question boils down to who really does own the address space, and
> >frankly, the fact that money changed hands causes me to lean more towads
> >the person who paid.
>Well, but was the changing of money for a *purchase* or a *lease* ?  The coming
>CIDRization seems to lend itself more toward leasing your IPs from your provider
>than purchasing them... much like small companies rarely buy a suite in a larger
>building, instead they lease... with IPs though, the length of term of the lease
>would be something to the effect of 'while getting service from the same provider'.
>  --Zachary

Er... Remeber that this works for providers as well. They don't "own" the CIDR
blocks they have either.  They have them on loan from the address registries.


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