AS690 advisory update

Cengiz Alaettinoglu cengiz at ISI.EDU
Wed Nov 15 19:04:14 UTC 1995

Steve Heimlich (heimlich at on November 14:
> <ramble begins>
> Some sort of scalable, easily maintainable advisory mechanism would
> be cool to have, but I haven't really thought about it too much.
> I'm certain that a tool could be written to do a search over the
> graph of ASes defined in all the registries, but we'd need to make
> sure that the registered information accurately reflected global
> AS topology.  Using this tool once a day (or however often), you
> could get a view of the paths to any AS from your own point of view
> (e.g., from 3561 or 690 to anywhere).  Almost like an administrative
> version of IDPR I suppose.  The backend of that thing could munge
> your aut-num (or provide a nice list of suggestions).
> <ramble ends>


Currently under development here at ISI is a tool that we call a
what-if database. It will enable one to change policies temporarily
(i.e. without actually registering in any database) and do analysis. 
For example, you can change your as-in policies
to ANY and use prpath to find paths or prconn (currently being
developed) to find all the reachable destinations. The tools, when
interacting with the what-if database, may give you the delta of the
changes. Hence, the result of prconn may be the new address/prefixes
that are now reachable and were not before and vice versa.

Of course, for this tool to be useful, radb needs to be cleaned up of
bogus aut-num objects, and decent aut-num objects need to be
maintained by all (well most:-).

Do you think something like this covers what you want?


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