AS690 advisory update

Elliot Alby ealby at
Tue Nov 14 19:38:19 UTC 1995

> After this time, AS690 advisories will be ignored.  Policy toward
> routes registered in the IRR will be based solely on origin AS.
> The origin AS will be expanded to the set of route objects registered
> for that origin AS; the resulting list of prefixes will be used in
> generating router configurations, as today.

in the case of AS#1 routing AS#2, suppose AS#2 sent in the route object 
and list themselves as the origin, and put AS#1 in the advisory. in the 
new scenario, will ANS now only allow routes coming via the ASN in the 
ORIGIN field? i.e. will AS#2 have to change the ASN in the origin field 
to AS#1 so ANS knows where to look for for the routes? 
- elliot alby/sprintlink implementation

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