Bell vs. Internet Providers (fwd)

Dave Bergum bergum at MR.Net
Sat Nov 11 00:08:45 UTC 1995

>>>>> On Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:57:18 -0500, kai at (Kai) said:

>ISP's should consider using a DS1 or better to deliver dialtone for their
>modem banks.  It makes alot of sense for the ISP and the phone company.
>Delivering dialtone over a T1 is certainly more cost effective than paying
>a %400 increase for Centrex lines.

>	Scott

  Kai> Nope, it isn't . At least not in Nynex land. Tariffs are stupid and don't
  Kai> make sense , I know. If you get your phone lines delivered via T1 in NYC,
  Kai> you pay about $550 for a local T1. 24 POTS lines run about $600 (business
  Kai> rate). Now of course, you are sitting there with your SmartJack, and need
  Kai> to shell out $3K-$10K for a channel bank, or buy a USR Total Control rack
  Kai> (or a Livingston Pop-in-a-rack). Your cost per line/modem/terminal server
  Kai> port has just exploded, congratulations, but you don't save any significant
  Kai> amount per month for this arrangement.
  Kai> Given that you have to provide about one line per 10 customers (SLIP/PPP)
  Kai> these days for decent quality service, you are in serious trouble with 
  Kai> your cash flow...

In USWest land, you get to pay for the T1 local loop, and you still have to
pay $35/mo for each business phone line riding on the T1!

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