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Robert Craig rcraig at
Fri Nov 10 22:31:28 UTC 1995

At 18:28 95/11/10, Vadim Antonov wrote:
>Michael Dillon wrote:
>>By "load sharing" I presume you mean some sort of TDM where you have n
>>real lines and every n'th packet goes out on any particular line. I
>>suppose this would be even simpler to do at the byte level if we assume
>>that all n lines go to the same endpoint.
>Yep.  However the round-robin load-sharing you described breaks the
>sequencing of packets (i.e. they will often arrive in the different
>order from which they were sent) and that breaks a lot of TCP stacks
>out there.  Cisco's solution is to to do sharing on per-host or per-network
>basis (i.e. all packets to host/network go along the same path) which
>is, to say, of very little use in the backbone.  It breaks down particularly
>spectacularly when you have high degree of aggregation or "calling centers",
>i.e. hosts or networks attracting particularly heavy traffic.
>I have a simple solution for the sequencing problem in load sharing
>setups, which produces load patterns nearly as good as round-robin.
>Don't ask how if you're not going to invest :) That algorithm is
>central to the proposed hypercube router architecture, and i'm
>past the age when i did things just for fun.

Vadim!  You've already said too much!! :_)


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