Address clustering intuition

Jim Dixon jdd at
Fri Nov 10 07:17:31 UTC 1995

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Alan Hannan wrote:

> ] I've formed an intuition that, if all IP addresses were portable (ie.
> ] independent of ISP) and assigned on a strictly geographic basis, then
> ] there would *automatically* be clustering of addresses equivalent to
> ] that obtained from CIDRization as a result of marketplace forces and
> ] the practicalities of technology.
>  While this would perhaps increase the 'possibility' of aggregation
>  increase, it ignores the fact that networks are laid out w/ wires
>  and planned logically wrt tariff issues and existing infrastructure
>  and capacity.

I don't see that this is relevant.  If I call PacBell in San Jose,
it's a 408 number.  In San Francisco, it's a 415 number.  What does
this have to do with wires etc?  The point is that every telephone
company knows where 408 is and how to route traffic to it.
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