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Michael Dillon michael at
Fri Nov 10 05:51:46 UTC 1995

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> sky can save us.  This time, gentlemen, the calvary is not coming.  As much
> as I despise the topic Matt and Vadim have been discussing today, I think
> we're looking at some kind of load sharing.  Probably static load sharing
> with no adaptation to traffic type or flow, since as Jerry pointed out a
> few weeks back, that's a slippery slope and a lot of people have died on it.

By "load sharing" I presume you mean some sort of TDM where you have n 
real lines and every n'th packet goes out on any particular line. I 
suppose this would be even simpler to do at the byte level if we assume 
that all n lines go to the same endpoint.

Or do you mean something different?

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