VOD Vision (was: blinking links)

Tim Bass bass at dune.silkroad.com
Thu Nov 9 17:05:11 UTC 1995

This, of course, is way off "links on the blink" but I couldn't
resist... because both statements, will all due respect,
are lacking a key ingredient:  vision :


> However, the utility of VOD is very questionable, as the basic need to see
> the movie quite adequately and cheaply satisfyed by low-tech video rentals.


> In a cost/benefit tradeoff, delivering videos like pizza (including 30
> minutes or free) is probably really a more efficient way to go than
> wrapping them into packets (or cells). At least for the time being.
> Just need a good way to pick'em up next day, a problem resolved for
> pizza for ages already as well (translation into something volatile
> after use).

The above worldviews, with all due respect, are very similar to
those who predicted that the Movie Theather Business would die
when when VCRs and Home Video hit the market.  The opposite
occured, as we all know, box office receipts skyrocketed to
all time highs and remain high.  People enjoy sitting in a room
with strangers laughing a the same scene, crying, munching pop
corn in the dark.

In a different vein, but similar realism, as the Internet continues
to grow and to be accepted mainstream, people will enjoy sitting on
their terminal at work or at play, surf to their favorite WWW video
site, open up a window and look at the featured movies , or search
the archives for something difficult to find and not quite as 
mainstream as the limited selection in Your Local Area Video Store.

I do not think that the future holds Pizza-Delivery style videos
only, guys.  Especially for those whom are elderly, sick, live
in rural areas, live in crime-dangerous areas, the technically
elite, students, parents seeking educational films for their
children, people and organizations distributing low-budget
film media, sophisticated consumers bored with pop culture,
international and foreign language customers.....

The possibilities are endless.....  Only acute tunnel-vision-itis
would affect someone to think that the video market is only 
for the healthy, young, pop culture types that cruise the local
video store.



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