links on the blink (fwd)

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Thu Nov 9 06:01:28 UTC 1995

In message <199511082323.RAA20836 at>, Alan Hannan writes:
>   The update I just got on the MAE-E /"Sprint" problem seems rather 
>   timely to the discussion.
>   "
>   We have hit the point where BGP processing on SprintLink
>   routers can no longer survive moderate fall-overs.
>   There is no fix for this, except:
>         a/ people MUST withdraw as many prefixes as possible
>         b/ the background route-flap MUST be reduced

You could also take routing from the RA route servers.  This would
solve your problem.  I think this was mentioned at the last NANOG
meeting so it is not a new solution either.


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