one typo correction...

Steve Heimlich heimlich at
Mon Nov 6 23:52:55 UTC 1995

Change "aggregate" to "advisory" as below.



> Date:    Mon, 06 Nov 1995 18:43:22 -0500
> From:    Steve Heimlich <heimlich at>
> To:      nanog at
> Subject: AS690 policy configuration changes
> All,
> Starting with Friday morning's config run, AS690 will pick up any
> route listed in various routing registries, including both those
> routes with advisories and those routes without advisories.
> ANS customers will not be affected by this change.
> Routes without advisories will be examined for origin AS and will
> inherit the most popular policy currently used for that AS.  For
> example, if a route for 147.225/16 (origin AS1660) were listed
> without an advisory, we would configure ourselves to listen for
> 147.225/16 in the same way that we listen to most other AS1660
> routes (only from AS 1324 in this case).
> If a route is registered in an AS for which we don't have existing
> policy, it will not be routed.  In the example above, if 147.225/16
> were registered without an aggregate, and it were the only route
This should be "advisory."


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