Eric Kozowski kozowski at
Mon Nov 6 19:46:35 UTC 1995

>> 3)	We will build low cost NAPs for IPSPA.ORG members;
>You laugh ... however, RTD is a few short weeks away from having NAPs up
>and running in Tucson and Phoenix.
>It's primarily intended for local providers, so that we can at least
>control quality standards in the region ourselves.  If larger peers want
>to show up, nobodies going to kick them out of bed though...we've got a bed
>big enough for everybody.  hehe.

A NW peering point is currently about 3-4 weeks away.  Initially it will be
done via fully meshed frame relay, until traffic dictates otherwise.  

This peering point will be _solely_ for keeping local traffic local and 
not for providing transit.

If anyone is interested, there is a mailing list, nw-internet at
(subscription requests to majordomo at, setup for discussing


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