links on the blink (fwd)

Avi Freedman freedman at
Mon Nov 6 01:17:51 UTC 1995

>Now then, I'm sure the appropriate engineering staff at each respective
>organization is weighing whether to change their MAE connection to a Gigaswitch
>port, connect directly to certain other NSPs, or even to build their own
>exchange point.  My only closing points would be that, as far as I can
>determine, both Ameritech and MFS seem to be handling problems reasonably well.
>One of the reasons I joined the MFS team was because of their attitude to
>quickly increase service capacity and/or to respond to customer's requests.
>Rather than doing things too quickly (wasting cash) or doing it too slowly and
>having a bunch of un-happy customers.
>speaking for myself...

Just wanted to point out that the shared FDDI costs $4250/month and a
private port on the Gigaswitch costs $5000/month.  Both include local
loop delivered on-net in DC.  Not a huge difference, and I don't think
anyone's suggested that the Gigaswitch is close to being maxed out.
And they're not putting > 10 users on an etherswitch with a 100mbit FDDI
link into the Gigaswitch, so those shouldn't be saturated.


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