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Tim Bass bass at
Sun Nov 5 05:18:53 UTC 1995

> Michael Dillon writes:

> Give me one example of an ISP that will take responsibility for fixing a 
> problem that is outside their control and is also outside the control of 
> the companies with which they have contracted for service.

The *goal* or end-game strategy is not to have 'ISPs that will take 
responsibility .....    outside their control ...." .  The work that
needs to be done is to create a coopertive organization that creates
QOS standards, metrics, etc. and establishes strategic and tactical
goals for the 'profession as a whole'.  This concept is similar to
the American Medical Association or any organization that assumes
responsibilty for the performance, standards and conduct of it's members.

Like  IPSPA.... (just made it up, thank you) the IP Service Providers
of Assocation.  Wouldn't than be nice.... :-) Little stickers on ISP
WWW pages stating:

Certified by IPSPA.

Each member contributes $500 per year, standard membership and the money
is used to fund all kind of nice development and coding efforts.
IPSPA could contribute to the IETF and lobby congress and who knows
what else.

If anyone is interested, I'll create an IPSPA mailing list..... (done)
IPSPA at  We will set up a nice non-profit organization,
put all IPSPA relation information, including the budget and expenditures
on the net and meet at IETF in Dallas on the side.

Everything above board,  we will even draw up the corporate, non-profit
charter on the e-mail list, working out the charter, ethics boards, etc.

Anybody interested? IPSPA-request at

If so, I'll register and pay for a new domain IPSPA.ORG.


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