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William Allen Simpson bsimpson at
Sat Nov 4 22:16:07 UTC 1995

> From: rrv at (Ross Veach)
> At 2:48 PM 11/4/95, Michael Dillon wrote:
> >10% packet loss is quite within the normal range of parameters for a
> >packet switching network such as the Internet.
> Sorry Michael, wrong answer.  1% packet loss is intolerable.  10% packet
> loss is all but useless for serious work.
And the 40% reported here (at MAE-East) is excrable.

Except at the older MAE-East, it's not _links_ that are on the blink.
It's the (too few) exchanges, and the very bad routing policies.

Of course, the idiocy of choosing ATM kept most of the NAPs off-line,
until they switched to FDDI.

My solution is to take the contracts away from MFS and Ameritech
effective immediately, and grant them to someone who knows what they are

I may not agree with all the older CIX policies, but at least it worked!

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