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Andrew Partan asp at
Sat Nov 4 23:23:01 UTC 1995

> from my house to Harvard via PSI, MAE-west, MCI, BBN Planet and back via
> BBN Planet, MCI, MAE-east and PSI.
>     505 packets transmitted, 497 packets received, 1% packet loss
>     round-trip min/avg/max = 116.702/192.69/3000 ms 

I suspect that you are going out via the CIX-SMDS cloud, not MAE-East -
PSI is not on MAE-West.

I also suspect that if/when you have packet loss it is due to the
shared FDDI at MAE-East.  PSI (along with several other service
providers) is on the shared FDDI at MAE-East.  The MAE-East shared FDDI
is quite overloaded (it hits 90 Meg during the day).  [The MAE-East
Gigaswitch is humming along quite nicely at a total of just over 190
Meg during the day.]

The shared FDDI participants at MAE-East are:
Shared FDDI
Shared FDDI    (unknown) (down)
Shared FDDI
Shared FDDI
Shared FDDI
Shared FDDI
Shared FDDI  (unknown)
Shared FDDI  gsl-mae-e-fddi1/
Shared FDDI

Check out the MFS MAE-East/West web pages at http://www.mfsdatanet/MAE/
for this and other data.  There are daily graphs of traffic and a list
of the connections to each MAE (showing how each provider is

	--asp at (Andrew Partan)

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