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Sat Nov 4 21:29:02 UTC 1995

  >Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 12:48:36 -0800 (PST)
  >From: Michael Dillon <michael at>
  >Subject: Re: links on the blink (fwd)

  >Uh... Ignore it?
  >10% packet loss is quite within the normal range of parameters for a 
  >packet switching network such as the Internet. 

I must disagree here. 10% packet loss within national backbones is a
problem to be fixed as soon as possible. It is not something to be
tolerated. An examination of some of the interconnect points will find
providers talking across media that is far past saturation, and is
at capacity.

The good news is that from my point of view, these things are being
addressed. Not as quickly as everyone would like (including me), but
it's happening.
  >> my regional service provider. There is no quality control at the
  >> inter-ISP level. I want to see that fixed. 
  >But nothing is broken. There is no inter-ISP level. ISP's buy access to 
  >the global network from and NSP and resell those access rights to you. 
  >Instead of millions of inter-ISP relationships, there is only one (or a 
  >few for multi-homed ISP's) relationship to negotiate and to manage. 

Assuming Hans-Werner meant inter-NSP, I must differ with both of
you.. There *is* quality control at the inter-NSP level. But there are
things broken, as I said. There are also a bunch of folks working night
and day to make sure it works as well as it does, and a bunch more
trying to make it get better.

Speaking only for myself...


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