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Sat Nov 4 21:09:06 UTC 1995

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Hans-Werner Braun wrote:

> >I think you're confusing "quality" with "locked into contract."  If
> >you have quality, being locked in with fixed rates and service is a good
> >thing.  If you don't have quality it's a bad thing.
> >
> >Try real hard not to blame the provider, but the idiot who signed a contract
> >that doesn't have performance guarantees.  We [ACES Research] offer our
> >clients contracts, and if they want to pay for performance guarantees, those
> >too.  None of them whine, so I assume they're happy and not upset.  Some of

.... just saw this: how does ACES then guarantee, e.g., that 
is reachable whitn certain quality parameters, when that site is 
overseas? Of course, if a customer wants it, I can always guarantee 
overseas reachability by buying a line, signing up on the 
other side on my network, and have that used strictly by that customer. 
Redundancy too: other side around of the blue ball. No problem. 

But are we talking about this here?


> >them have locked rates till '98 that are just too good to mention.
> This is a reasonable and appropriate response. The problem, I guess, is
> that the environment is young and people do not know what is reasonable
> to ask for in terms of service metrics, and service providers may not
> know what is reasonable to offer. Do you (or others) have suggestions
> about those, that could be used to address many of the concerns? We do
> not have to fix things 100%, I guess, but it would be nice to get to
> some high degree, rather than retaining status quo. Can we use them in
> the inter-ISP realm?

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