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Michael Dillon michael at
Sat Nov 4 20:48:36 UTC 1995

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Hans-Werner Braun wrote:

> I will not go into a point by point rebuttal here, even though I
> generally do not subscribe to your arguments. I am not planning on
> "winning" here, I just want to get the issues on the table and evaluate
> the solution space. Just let me ask you, as a customer who fairly
> frequently experiences 10% packet loss between major Internet locations
> across major service providers (no mom and pop shops in the middle or
> at the end points), how would you suggest I deal with that? 

Uh... Ignore it?
10% packet loss is quite within the normal range of parameters for a 
packet switching network such as the Internet. If you want 0% packet loss, 
you can lease your own private point-to-point lines.

> my regional service provider. There is no quality control at the
> inter-ISP level. I want to see that fixed. 

But nothing is broken. There is no inter-ISP level. ISP's buy access to 
the global network from and NSP and resell those access rights to you. 
Instead of millions of inter-ISP relationships, there is only one (or a 
few for multi-homed ISP's) relationship to negotiate and to manage. 

> I don't care how, I do know
> that the current situation is intolerable. 

Well why didn't you say so in the first place! We thought you *DID* care 
how. Since you don't care how the problem is solved you will be happy to 
know that SPRINT and MCI et al. will be pleased to provide you with the 
performance guarantees that you require. Just get out your checkbook and 
call them on Monday morning. Make sure you tell them that price is no object.

> I believe that this is prime
> NANOG (and IEPG) business. NSF and the feds are out, with the NSFNET
> backbone dismantling,

The NSF backbone is long gone (5 months or so), and the national 
backbones (note plural) at the core of the Internet are fast evolving 
into international webworks of fibre. As the networks grow and the 
infrastructure is deployed there are lots of pains. Live with them. In 10 
years it will be over. Think of it like putting up with construction in
your house and mud where the front yard should be. Once the construction 
is finished you will soon forget about it as you enjoy your new home.

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