links on the blink (fwd)

Hans-Werner Braun hwb at
Sat Nov 4 18:59:52 UTC 1995

I will not go into a point by point rebuttal here, even though I
generally do not subscribe to your arguments. I am not planning on
"winning" here, I just want to get the issues on the table and evaluate
the solution space. Just let me ask you, as a customer who fairly
frequently experiences 10% packet loss between major Internet locations
across major service providers (no mom and pop shops in the middle or
at the end points), how would you suggest I deal with that?  My
complaints to the involved service providers have typically gotten
unanswered by the national service provider, and saying "we can't do
anything about it except letting our national service provider know" by
my regional service provider. There is no quality control at the
inter-ISP level. I want to see that fixed. I don't care how, I do know
that the current situation is intolerable. I believe that this is prime
NANOG (and IEPG) business. NSF and the feds are out, with the NSFNET
backbone dismantling, and the kitchen you asked for to cook (ahem!) in
is all yours to get your tailfeathers burned in all by yourself.

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