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Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Sat Nov 4 18:51:21 UTC 1995

Nathan writes:
>Well, I think the problem is that providers lock people in 1 and 2 year
>contracts so if people get bad service they are stuck. That is why I only
>have month to month service, if people don't like there T1 then they can
>quit. I think we need more providers to do that, I know of a lot users
>that are on providers that want to switch, but have 8 months left on
>their contract.

I think you're confusing "quality" with "locked into contract."  If
you have quality, being locked in with fixed rates and service is a good
thing.  If you don't have quality it's a bad thing.

Try real hard not to blame the provider, but the idiot who signed a contract
that doesn't have performance guarantees.  We [ACES Research] offer our
clients contracts, and if they want to pay for performance guarantees, those
too.  None of them whine, so I assume they're happy and not upset.  Some of
them have locked rates till '98 that are just too good to mention.

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