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Hans-Werner Braun hwb at
Sat Nov 4 15:10:55 UTC 1995

Good point. If there is no service model and penalties for bad
performance, at least there should be a possibility for short time

I am really curious how service providers believe that, say, 12-24
months from now customers will still just put up with the current
situation. If I were them, I would plan for survival in that time
frame and get the right things under way *now*, and before someone
else changes things instead.

>On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Hans-Werner Braun wrote:
>> I think Dave has the right idea here. Given the lousy overall network
>> performance that I (and others) are often seeing for months from
>> varieties of service providers, I think the service providers should be
>> forced to provide rebates. I frequently have 10% packet losses to get
>> from where I am to the Bay area (via New York). And my service
>> provider (CERFnet) is telling me that their service provider (Sprint)
>> is not even answering to their trouble reports.
>Well, I think the problem is that providers lock people in 1 and 2 year 
>contracts so if people get bad service they are stuck. That is why I only 
>have month to month service, if people don't like there T1 then they can 
>quit. I think we need more providers to do that, I know of a lot users 
>that are on providers that want to switch, but have 8 months left on 
>their contract.
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