Professionalism, etc...

Steven J. Richardson sjr at
Thu Nov 2 19:50:24 UTC 1995


  Can we please actually practice some professionalism by
getting back to technical topics?  This list is for Network

  Thank you,

  Steve Richardson/Merit
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  >This is getting personal and way off topic, so I'll take the
  >'middle road' with Jeff before we drag this down more, 
  > give a short response, and end it.
  >( with my financee in Germany for over a month, and absolutely
  >  no sleep last night, I cannot find the 'high road' this AM,
  >  sorry ... )
  >Whomever is superhuman, always speaks and rights exactly what
  >they intend, always void of emotion and in complete understanding
  >of all past and present (not to mention future) events and 
  >actions please continue this discussion without me :-)
  >I am human and therefore not worthy to discuss professionalism
  >nor any human condition.  Thanks Jeff, for pointing that out.
  >I need to be constantly reminded of my imperfections. I 
  >realize them myself, but appreciate your reminder and tact.
  >.... we should all follow Jeff's example and when any human
  >forwards or advocates an idea, no matter what the position,
  >lets look for a human fault and or some 'not so perfect'
  >assembly of symbols of expression (words) with 'not so perfect'
  >foundation (human emotions) and use them to counter argue.
  >It certainly works very well to defocus the discussion from
  >one of ideas and aspirations and to create an interesting
  >side show.  Excellent counterpoint Jeff.  It is impossible
  >for me, unworthly, soiled, and defeated to continue in the
  >' has professionalism been redefined ?' thread.  

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