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Wed Nov 1 15:26:55 UTC 1995

> From: Michael Dillon <michael at>
> Sure it has. But a lot of professionals have the attitude that details
> need to be hashed out discreetly in private so that a polished,
> professional front can be shown in public.

Naw, that's called "going behind your back", "back-stabbing", "beating
around the bush", "behind closed doors", "smoke-filled rooms", and other
derogatory statements.

That's for politicians and management.  Not professionals.

polished != professional

> I'm not saying that the
> desires of the public have changed, but that the attitudes of
> professionals have changed and are continuing to change.
Actually, I just think that more politicians and white-collar workers
are calling themselves "professionals", which used to be reserved for
doctors, engineers, professors (note the root), scientists, etc.

Now, we have "sanitary waste-management engineers" (which has no
educational requirement)....

If the distinction escapes you, remember that traditionally a lawyer is
an apprenticed tradesman, a judge is a professional.

Every time I see some dingbat lawyer that adds "Esquire" after their
name, I ask "Who is your knight?  What liege have you sworn fealty?"

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