Peering problem with NSP

Michael Dillon michael at
Wed Nov 1 10:02:02 UTC 1995

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, Patrick Horgan wrote:

> Michael Dillon sez:
> > 
> > The world is changing, Sean. And one of the things that is changing is 
> > the definition of "professionalism". Dragging things out into the open, 
> > hashing them out, and resolving issues based on facts is increasingly 
> > being seen as the professional way to do things. 
> Being open, honest, and ethical...a new feature?  It's always been what
> customers wanted.

Sure it has. But a lot of professionals have the attitude that details 
need to be hashed out discreetly in private so that a polished, 
professional front can be shown in public. I'm not saying that the 
desires of the public have changed, but that the attitudes of 
professionals have changed and are continuing to change.

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