Updated NANOG traceroute available (AS#, DNS cidr, VMS)

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Mon May 22 03:56:16 UTC 1995

Date Sent:  21-MAY-1995 20:56:20 

	A while back someone here posted a ``NANOG traceroute'' that
	did some pretty cool things, namely shows delay statistics,
	microtimers, etc.

	I've updated it and made it available for anonymous ftp at
	ftp.aces.com in the [.software.traceroute] directory.

	This version also works on VMS.
	Details below.

	[I hope to see this message come back at me only once...]


Ehud Gavron	(EG76)
gavron at Hearts.ACES.COM
1. Original version didn't support AS # lookups
	The new version checks the AS # for which each hop's network
	is registered and displays it. 
        sl-ana-2-F0/0.sprintlink.net ( AS1239  30 ms  30 ms

2. Original version didn't do proper checking for nixed DNS replies.  If
   a network had no SOA record (like where MCI has one SOA record for a
   chunk of 256 class-C style networks and not 256 separate SOAs) it would
   display garbage.
	The new version checks /24 networks, and /16 networks, and even
    	/8 networks in-addr for a valid SOA before displaying a useful
	string like "[no SOA record]".
   	border3-hssi2-0.SanFrancisco.mci.net ( [hostmaster at mci.net]

3. Original version had incorrect behavior for when the number of probes were
   set to 1.  If a reply ever came back (like from ttl=1) the loop would
	The new version behaves correctly for nprobes=1.

4. Original version had no support for VMS.
	The new version compiles, links, and runs fine under VMS.

5. Original version had various implicit casts that make some compilers 
   (some ANSI compliant ones) complain.
	The new version fixes these.

For some reason, the only way I could get BSDI to compile it (and find _sqrt)
is to add -lm to the cc line.  cc -O traceroute.c -lm.


Ehud Gavron	(EG76)
gavron at Hearts.ACES.COM

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