Will there be mbone ?

John J. Nugent jjn at noc.ans.net
Sun May 21 04:35:29 UTC 1995

On Sat, 20 May 1995, William B. Norton wrote:

| > Why? I want to be able to give the presentation from my office (or home
| > across ISDN for that matter), sitting down in front of my workstations,
| > and reading presentation slides from files. The noise problem should be
| > resolved with proper floor control and someone managing it.
| You could do that.  I was refering to the meetings I've seen on the MBone 
| where a dark human like figure appears in silhouette in front of an 
| unreadable overhead projector beam.  I'd like to see improvements in the 
| source.

   [stuff deleted]

| Bill

   I videotaped both days of the NANOG (Regional Techs) meeting a couple
years ago and got many compliments on keeping the camera on the talent,
zooming in on the overheads such that they were readable, and even picked
off the main audio feed in the auditorium.  My motto is: If ya can't get
all the available information onto the video tape, then the event wasn't
worth taping. 
   I'm willing to do this again but as I won't be getting overtime from my
employer to be there, I'd have to ask my usual consulting fee of $150 per
day. (I know, I work cheap).  For that I'll provide the folks running the
MBone gear with a clean baseband audio and video feed. 

   --- Jay Nugent
P.S. Kinda short notice for Monday's meeting, but, to really do it up good
the meeting should be shot with two cameras, one for talent and the other
for wide shots and when questions are coming from the peanut gallery.  A
shotgun mic for peanut gallery questions would be nice as well :-)

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