Will there be mbone ?

Michael Dillon michael at junction.net
Sun May 21 03:31:08 UTC 1995

On Sat, 20 May 1995, William B. Norton wrote:

> Similarly, by noise I wasn't actually refering to "Managing the distributed 
> MBone meeting" sorts of problems but rather the current state of the 
> technology.  Splotches of missing audio and slow scan (and often missing 
> frames) ofvideo make it very difficult for me to consider this current
> incarnation of technology for transparently distributed meetings. I find 
> myself just too distracted by these visible shortfalls in the technology.

This isn't a shortfall in the technology, it's a shortfall in YOUR net 
connection bandwidth or your service provider's bandwidth. Once the 
infrastructure gets updated with enough bandwidth, this kind of problem 
should miraculously disappear

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