Will there be mbone ?

William B. Norton wbn at merit.edu
Sun May 21 01:17:23 UTC 1995

> Why? I want to be able to give the presentation from my office (or home
> across ISDN for that matter), sitting down in front of my workstations,
> and reading presentation slides from files. The noise problem should be
> resolved with proper floor control and someone managing it.

You could do that.  I was refering to the meetings I've seen on the MBone 
where a dark human like figure appears in silhouette in front of an 
unreadable overhead projector beam.  I'd like to see improvements in the 

Similarly, by noise I wasn't actually refering to "Managing the distributed 
MBone meeting" sorts of problems but rather the current state of the 
technology.  Splotches of missing audio and slow scan (and often missing 
frames) ofvideo make it very difficult for me to consider this current
incarnation of technology for transparently distributed meetings. I find 
myself just too distracted by these visible shortfalls in the technology.


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