Draft internic ip allocation doc

Paul Ferguson paul at hawksbill.sprintmrn.com
Sat May 20 23:00:42 UTC 1995


Make it stop!

Kick someone to get this fixed poste haste.

- paul

> >... must start filtering something to protect [the Internet] ...
> Such filters exist and are in place in at least three
> sizable ISPs' edge routers.
> The routability of anything longer than /24 is no longer an issue --
> it won't happen with anything even remotely approaching global scope.
> The line in the sand for the various /8s that haven't yet started
> being delegated by registries is there, and has been announced
> and discussed ad nauseam.
> 	Sean. (waiting for the obligatory, "you're only doing
> 		this to keep your customers locked in place because
> 		you're an evil greedy bastard!", and wondering if
> 		it's going to be an IAB member _again_.) 
> - --
> Sean Doran <smd at clock.org>

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