Draft internic ip allocation doc

David R Conrad davidc at iij.ad.jp
Wed May 17 17:12:55 UTC 1995

>> There is an easy solution -- do not allocate less than /16s.
>> This would relieve InterNIC from caring about IN-ADDRs
>> (and will do good things for routing, too).
>> --vadim

And how will this help reduce routing entries caused by people
punching holes in existing and new CIDR blocks?

As I've argued elsewhere, in the end service providers *must* start
filtering something to protect their own infrastructure.  Why not
filter long prefixes if those prefixes were easy to determine?
Relying on the registries is just a delaying action that encourages
bad behavior.

>Of course that violates the NIC charter as being the NIC of first and
>last resort.

Big deal.


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