PI vs PA Address Space

Michael Dillon michael at junction.net
Thu May 18 22:28:37 UTC 1995

On Thu, 18 May 1995, Karl Denninger, MCSNet wrote:

> > > nothing longer than /18 or /19 (it's /18 now, but it's
> > > not entirely inflexible, and dialogues continue) will 
> > > have global scope.
> > 
> > As an aside, is anyone else besides Sprint behind this /18
> > model?  I know that Sean is a big proponent but I have heard
> > no other public comment on this. (well there was one, which
> > indicated that the community had reached consenses on this point,
> > which is why I ask.)

> These people are NUTS.

> BTW, in case it matters, one of our customers has ALREADY been bit by this
> when they attempted to leave MCSNet and attach to Sprint with addresses
> delegated from a netblock which Sprint assigned to us.  They were first
> given incorrect information by Sprint's NOC personnell and then forced to
> renumber not only their internal hosts, but their CUSTOMERS machines.  

This appears to be Sprint's policy. It happened to us when we left INSINC 
(Sprint Canada) for another provider and they refused to let us take a 
CIDR block with us. Fortunately, we had not yet allocated any of those 
addresses to customers.

My recommendation: If your addresses do not come directly from a NIC, then
get the allocation IN WRITING and SIGNED! If your provider will not sign 
for it, then apply directly to the NIC.

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