PI vs PA Address Space

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Thu May 18 17:42:58 UTC 1995

> Eventually routers stopped being able to handle full routing
> in 16Mb of memory, and suddenly the very real cost of
> carrying routing information around became clear to a number
> of providers: how much did replacing a bunch of mostly-AGS+
> routers with 64Mb Cisco 7000-series routers cost?

This memory jump has occured more than once.  I remember 4 and 8 meg
routers.  16 meg boxen were deamed large enough when they were created.
The leap to 64 is just another step in the process.

> nothing longer than /18 or /19 (it's /18 now, but it's
> not entirely inflexible, and dialogues continue) will 
> have global scope.

As an aside, is anyone else besides Sprint behind this /18
model?  I know that Sean is a big proponent but I have heard
no other public comment on this. (well there was one, which
indicated that the community had reached consenses on this point,
which is why I ask.)


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