NANOG Meeting information on the Web

B. Regan Knapp regan at
Wed May 10 20:53:30 UTC 1995

Hi Everyone,
I've just made some information available about the upcoming
NANOG meeting on Merit's WWW site.  I've included the draft
agenda, information about hotels, maps and directions, and
a registration form you can fill out online.  You can find
this information by going to the Merit Web home page
( and choosing "NANOG May 22-23" under
the "Upcoming Conferences" heading. I'll be making more information 
available on the Web as I get it, so keep checking back!

For those without Web access, the registration form and attached 
information will be e-mailed to this list one more time before
the meeting.

Regan Knapp
Webmaster for Merit's National Networking Activities 
Regan Knapp                                           Vox:  (313) 936-0320
Merit Network, Inc.                                   Fax:  (313) 747-3185
4251 Plymouth Rd. Suite C                           email: regan at
Ann Arbor, MI  48105-2785             

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