Draft NANOG agenda

Susan R. Harris srh at merit.edu
Fri May 5 17:38:04 UTC 1995

Here's what we've got so far ...
                North American Network Operators Group (NANOG)
                           May 22-23 DRAFT Agenda

 Topic                        Presenter(s)
 RA Project Update           Elise Gerich and Jessica Yu

 IP Provider Metrics WG      Matt Mathis

 Updates from the 
 Interconnection Points      
     Sprint                  Paul Love and Tim Salo
     AADS                    Mark Knopper/Eric Bennett
     PacBell                 Warren Williams
     MAE-East/MAE-West       Steve Feldman and Milo Medin
     CIX                     Paul Vixie

 Symmetric Routing in a      Enke Chen/Tony Bates
 Multi-Provider Internet    

 Coordination Issues for     Brian Renaud
 Distributed Routing         

 New SNMP Management         Allan Rubens
 Capabilities in MRouteD     

 SNMP v2 Operational         Bill Norton

 Support for Public Key      Laurent Joncheray
 Encryption of TCP

 ATM Networking in Oregon    David Meyers

 GateD Update                Craig Labovitz

 Overview of Multi-          Craig Labovitz
 Threaded Routing Toolkit    

 InterNIC Registration       Mark Kosters

 RPS (Routing Policy         Cengiz Alaettinoglu and Daniel Karrenberg
 System) WG      

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