Topics for the May 22-23 NANOG

Susan R. Harris srh at
Tue May 2 00:05:15 UTC 1995

Greetings - here's are the NANOG topics we've come up with so far.  Are
there other subjects you'd like to hear about?
	--Symmetric routing in a multi-provider Internet
	--RA project update
	--NAP status reports
	--InterNIC registration procedures
	--Coordination issues for distributed routing registries
	--IP Provider Metrics WG update
	--RPS (Routing Policy System) WG update 
	--ATM networking in Oregon
	--Route flapping analyses
	--IPv6 autoconfiguration:  implications for network operators
	--New SNMP management capabilities in MRouteD
	--Overview of the Multi-Threaded Routing Toolkit
	--GateD update
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